Smart City

  Artificial intelligence can be applied in a wide variety of fields, and improving existing technologies. Adding AI capabilities can greatly improve many technologies in various settings such as campus, home, and work. Building smart cities with AI allows us to expand our horizons and focus on more creative tasks.

Technical Description

Video Synopsis

  Video synopsis technology can reduce the time for people to review images, and enhance the accuracy of investigation and the efficiency of image monitoring.

  Condensing hours of video content, extracting foreground objects across time and space, and rearranging them into video summaries of a few minutes, changing the situation that police and accident investigators needed to read and retrieve a large number of surveillance images in the past. When monitoring the screen, personnel can exclude unimportant parts of the screen (such as sky and background), and lock the region of interest (ROI) for further monitoring on a specific screen and range. Object attributes such as color, size, direction, type, etc. can be further classified.

  The video synopsis technology can also optimize the encoding performance of the image without losing the image quality, condense the file size and reduce the image storage space simultaneously.

AI Monitoring System

  In the past, the number of visits to shopping malls, parks, events, etc., had to be counted one by one using manual fixed-point and hand-held counters. Under crowded conditions, calculation errors were prone to occur.

  Now through artificial intelligence combined with the monitoring system, the number of visits can be recorded in real-time, and the objects to be excluded from the record can also be automatically determined, more accurately track the flow of people in the mall (example: staff who needs to repeatedly enter and exit the space).

  In addition, a video camera is embedded on the top of the electronic advertising billboard, which can analyze the age, gender, and expression of visitors through the artificial intelligence system, and instantly access the past spending records in the mall. It can also automatically recommend relevant products and advertisements according to the visitor’s clothing and status on the day.

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