About us

  Our current focus is on the training of medical imaging AI models, and cooperation with multiple hospitals to build an AI model platform for medical imaging. At the same time, the technical team has conducted AI model training with various companies and public agencies, including: Taiwan semiconductor defect detection, factory intelligent monitoring, hospital intelligent physiological monitoring, drug identification, shopping mall personnel monitoring and identification, face recognition, time-lapse photography recognition, etc. Imvitec aims to build a smart city in the future, by relieving tedious manpower operations to enable humans to explore higher values.


Biometrics recognition

Face related recognition, e.g., Expression, Age, Gender, Anti- Counterfeit, Lie Detector

Fingerprint, Finger Vein Recognition System

Iris, Palm, Lip, Voiceprint Recognition System

Computer Aided Diagnosis System

Medical Imaging Analysis System

Postoperative Prediction System

Non-Contact Biological Information Recognition System

Monitoring System

Smart Transportation

Video Synopsis

Industrial Inspection

Few-Shot Learning, Zero-Shot Learning, Semi-Supervised Learning, Unsupervised Learning, Active Learning, Federated Learning

Automatic Quality Control Monitoring System

Defect Monitoring System

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